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Welcome to Ossett Mouldings Ltd

Showroom & Workshop is appointment only to the Public & Trade until further notice.

24th March 2023

Ossett Mouldings was established in 1973. We were incorporated as a limited company in 1990 and are still very active in 2022! effective

We “make things” – in Fibrous Plaster (Normal Gypsum Casting).

Here are some of what we do, Decorative Plaster Work, Bespoke Mouldings, Decorative Plaster Specialists, Restoration & Installation of plasterwork to historic buildings for both commercial and residential properties, GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum), GRP (Fibre Glass) Specialists and occasionally in GRC (Glass reinforced Cement), we also cast in Cement. UK, We model, carve, sculpt and shape entirely original shapes and objects – anything you wish!

Everything we sell or install we make in our own premises – in Yorkshire, England.

We do mainly interior works, but also some exterior work. Please ask us and we’ll tell you exactly what we can or cannot do.

People and companies use our handmade decorative plaster products in construction, film sets, museums, television, exhibitions, and in the shipbuilding industry. We also do shopfitting as well as work in the home, hotels, restaurants, and pubs. We are also involved in prop making and hopefully (for us), YOUR home or your commercial project!

Everything is made in our own Yorkshire workshops by our own fully qualified staff and should you wish, we will professionally install any of our products or castings for you – anywhere in the U.K.

All these operations are undertaken by the company’s own, full-time, fully qualified, and employed craftsmen.

This is unusual. We are truthfully exceptional!


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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