Jericho 2016

Another Ossett Mouldings Production project, design, manufactured and installed. The the help of his men where designed by set designers to look like the viaduct we love this kind of work. Our Client is extremely happy with the professionalism of our work from start to finish and would recommend ourselves to anyone looking for Plaster sheets (Sheet number no 487 was also used for Jamaica Inn in 2013) to replicate any buildings for there productions, Cornice and any decorative plasterwork, we also matched the same stone work for a set Jamaica inn. New moulds to add to our collection and in our new website for 2016. See more on our Facebook feed at Ossett Mouldings.

New drama series ‘Jericho’ brings to life the shanty town that grew up around the building of the Ribblehead viaduct in the Yorkshire Dales in the 1870s. The viaduct – 104 feet high, 440 yards long and with 24 soaring stone arches – is a massive engineering feat of the Victorian age, and cost hundreds of workers their lives during construction. Renamed the Culverdale viaduct for the purposes of the programme, it’s the vision of Charles Blackwood, whose dream is to bridge the previously impassable gap between two railway lines and bring prosperity to the area. The navvies, families, entrepreneurs and other characters that populate Jericho tell the stories and struggles of a frontier community that could be compared to a Wild West epic, set in a visually stunning landscape.

Today, towards the base of the viaduct, you can still just make out the rectangular bases of the huts where the community lived during its construction – a ghostly reminder of the navvies and their families who built our industrial heritage. You can view the magnificent Ribblehead viaduct and the wonderful high hills, moors.

Sheet Number 487


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