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Ossett Moulded Archway with Detailed Sides by Ossett MouldingsMouldings Limited arches are most frequently used to “beautify” existing rectangular openings between areas of homes. Most typically to conceal a supporting steel joist (girder).

There are very many options available. We have some “standard” moulds. Our unusual, unique production moulds will produce a variety of curved openings to suit many homes – more about these below.

Also we can produce any style or design you wish, your choices are truly infinite. Believe me, our skills are more than adequate for whatever scheme you might dream up. However unusual it might be!

Moulded Archway with Ceiling Centrepiece and Decorative Wall Moulds by Ossett MouldingsPlease remember these do not have to be smooth finished plaster, we can imitate timber, brick or many other materials / finishes – very convincingly!

While our showroom / premises are relatively small, we have nevertheless managed to include two examples of arches, also other possible openings into the space available. One arch is shown here – above. This is semi elliptical, complete with side cheeks, archivolts, smooth soffite, keystones if required, supported by fluted pilasters.

To the left is another arched opening. This has a narrow span, semi circular opening – also with all the features noted above.

Don’t worry about this jargon / technical stuff, there is a very full explanation at the foot of this page.

Moulded Archway by Ossett MouldingsHere (on the right) is another pretty special arch, one of a group we produced in our Dewsbury workshops and installed in France some twelve or so years ago. As you can see, the semi circular arches are formed to represent stonework, complete with radiating joints, as are the circular columns and ashlar effect stub walls. There is also “brickwork” above.

Detailed Moulded Archway with Wall Panel Mouldings by Ossett MouldingsTo the left you can see another specially made item. This (Victorian style) feature also has a semicircular arch, complete with archivolts, sunken panels to arch and the integral pilasters, finished at the base with plinth blocks. These two items alone illustrate quite well the possibilities our skills and abilities offer you – particularly in “one off” or unusual situations.

If you are not certain just what would work in your home or on your project, please either call in to our showroom to discuss the possibilities. We can also call out to visit your project and discuss possible designs in person with you.

Prior to commencing manufacture of arches, we often need to produce a workshop drawing / scale sketch. These illustrate very well some of the numerous possible designs / arrangements that are possible. Naturally we have accumulated many of these and will be pleased to show you some, either at our showroom or your home, please ask.

Cobel by Ossett MouldingsCHOICES, as always – there are numerous, very numerous choices with Ossett Mouldings products.

For instance, curved, arched openings can be “supported” by pilasters, columns, half columns, corbels, brackets, trusses or impost mouldings. There are very, many other options and choices available with other opening or arch elements.

Moulded Archway by Ossett MouldingsAny member of our staff will be pleased to discuss design features and elements of your possible arched opening to your home or other project. In our view, these items are in your home permanently, for good. It’s therefore important to “get it right” first time – we will help you do that.

We have the experience, we’ve worked on many different similar items for other people during a period of years. We’ll be very happy to help you.

We will ALWAYS provide a written quotation for your consideration. Sometimes this will include (as mentioned earlier) a scale sketch to assist “visualisation” of this important improvement. To further assist, there is a lot of “jargon” on these items, please see below our guide to some of the very many technical terms used:

Arch Curved opening
Architrave Straight moulding, usually “finishes off” door frames, often moulded
Archivolt Curved architrave
Column Circular (on plan / section) support. Can have semi circular, fluted or plain shaft
Corbel Also known as a “Bracket” or “Truss”. Can be used in pairs to “support” an arch or beam
Entasis Some column or pilaster shafts “narrow” toward their tops. This is the term used to describe that narrowing
Flutes Upright rilles to pilaster or column shafts
Keystone Wedge shaped central feature to archivolt. Can be omitted if required. Term is also applied to central stone of stone arch
Pilaster Rectangular (on plan / section) column. Applied flat to walls, can have fluted, plain or panelled shaft. The correct item for this situation, half columns are actually incorrect
Reeds Decoration applied to base of flutes. Usually “reverse flute” in section, can be capped with a carved diminishing husk design
Shaft The central portion, between base and capping mouldings of a column or pilaster
Side Cheeks Plain, upright faces (or cheeks) of an arch or beam, above the archivolt. Can be decorated with panelling if required.
Soffite Underside of a feature. Here we usually mean the underside of an arch or beam. Can be decorated, for example with panelling, applied or sunken
Springing Line Point at base of an arch, where line changes from curve (above) to straight line (below).

Please go to Contact us if you would like an idea of costs for your bespoke archways.


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