Company Philosophy

As a high ability, craft based company we have developed a truly unique business and ethical approach to our work which we apply to each and every job we tackle. This gives our clients a service not found anywhere else.

How We Work For You

Within reason, we will spend as much time as you, the potential client needs to arrive at a scheme that suits you, your pocket, your home or your project. We then produce a fully detailed written quotation for your consideration, accompanied if helpful by illustrative sketches.

When designs, conditions and costs are agreed we will carry out the work, always with our own fully trained, very qualified and fully employed staff.

This is very unusual in our industry. In our craft it is exceptional.

How We Work As A Company

Ossett Mouldings Limited operates in a price competetive environment. Despite this hindrance to best standards we maintain the highest reasonably possible quality in materials and workmanship.

We know for certain that the time we expend, the standards we achieve and the materials we use exceed those of almost all / all of our competitors. Naturally this reduces our profit – a lot!

But it does reduce “complaints received” to almost nil – very important for such beautiful, permanent installations or features in your home or in your project.

And it gives you a first class job! Is that a good enough deal?

How We Think As A Company

Ossett Mouldings Limited will always endeavour to do a very good, above standard job of work for you at the agreed price and time. We will respect you, your family and your home in all possible ways.

Naturally we expect to be paid in full and on time. We always pay our staff and suppliers in full and on time – ask any of them!

We do not do “cash jobs” for a reduced cost for any one – SO please don’t offend us by asking!

Our Policy

Few human activities are totally without environmental impact, including our own. We do, however try to limit damage from our work. We use mostly hand tools, almost no powered tools and no machinery in our handcraft. Much of our work takes place in our workshop, requiring little motor transport. Ossett Mouldings Ltd. attempts to eliminate unnecessary vehicle journeys. This is for both ecological and business efficiency reasons.

In this respect Ossett Mouldings are, in truth world class!

The limited timber we use is “sustainable” softwood from Scandanavia. Our timber laths are the sole exception, sadly none of our possible suppliers can now certify as “sustainable” except at a hopelessly uneconomic cost.

If you can find or supply softwood in 22mm by 4mm or 5mm thick sections, ideally in 3.0m lengths please do contact us. We’ll be grateful – very happy to buy them. Many thanks.


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