Robin Hood Open Times
Ossett Mouldings Ltd Robi9n Hood

This is my local pub where I meet and enjoy all the friendship of the place, My Local mates asked me to be a sponsor. Ossett Mouldings Ltd are proud to be sponsor of the Darts & Dominos Team there. This all takes place on a Monday evening at the Robin Hood & Other local pubs in the area.

I was asked by Sandra the Landlady if I could make her a coffin? I stood back not realising that it was coming up to Halloween soon due to me having a few beers and said would you like me to measure Stephen up the Landlord. Sandra had a little giggle, She’s dark. My reply then was yes why not due to the fact we do lots of TV & Film work throughout the many years my company has been established since 1973 and still going very strong in 2019. We are also the Darts & Dominos Sponsor so why not!

Why not see it for yourself on Saturday 26th October, There is a fancy dress party event on that night? 

Enjoy then Fancy Dress Party!

Alan Harding

Managing Director

Ossett Mouldings Ltd

These images are a collection of  a particular fibrous endeavour based around Halloween as the public house that ordered from ossett mouldings was throwing a night revolved around the event, this shows the making and creation of a life size coffin that was used as the centre decoration in there space, we first started by creating the coffin lid using an employee to get the dimensions then adjusted a border and filled the interior with arrogate and plaster to give a gritty affect then proceeded to add the finer details such as broken flowers, skulls and names of the pub and company. Overall this product was one of the more challenging but fun projects as we could completely fashion the idea our selfs and change any aspect we wished to give the best product we could involving the ideas from myself & employees of Ossett Mouldings Ltd and the Robin Hood to get they most all rounded finished product that represented everyones take on it.


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