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Metallic Finish on a Moulded Tile by Ossett MouldingsThis page will probably not make us any / hardly any extra sales. The purpose of this page is actually to show / illustrate some of the very numerous and quite honestly – exciting finishes that can be applied to our products. Naturally this is normally only possible once these items are installed.

The finishes described and illustrated here are only what we’ve “stumbled upon” during decoration in our showroom. To be quite honest most of these super ideas were almost entirely due to the adventure and inventiveness of just one of our plastering craftsmen.

Metallic Finish by Ossett MouldingsFrankie applied more than normal enterprise doing these. I instructed him to “paint it any way you wish – ideally white.” And when I returned (say) one day later I was very surprised to see these fabulous ideas in place! Just enjoy these images here. And thanks very much Frankie!

A Close-up of a Metallic Finish on a Moulded Tile by Ossett MouldingsThe image above is a prime example of these possibilities. This tile is probably our best design from the range of (perhaps) 15 different tile designs. As good as the pattern and mould was, it never, ever sold in the “unpainted white” that we’ve displayed it in for the past twelve or fifteen years. Now, just three weeks since painting it in these fabulous metallic colours we’ve had two sales already!

Surely this is a lesson to any one!. And, to be fair – it does look rather good! The inset ‘photo to the right demonstrates this rather well. While you consider this – please look at the “old gold” truss above.

Imitation Marble Reception Table by Ossett MouldingsAnd of course, there are so many other possibilities with paint finishes.

Other than metallic finishes – try now for instance imitation marble – and other stonework. Please see our showroom “marble” counter – while it’s been rather nicely and expertly painted, our daughter has rather unkindly compared it to a “car off a fairground waltzer”. Shown here to your Right.

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsAnother example of “paint applied marble” is this lighting trough – to the left. This is also from our showroom premises. But this feature is in our office. Please do ask to view it – any of us will be very pleased to show it off to you -honestly!

Imitation Marble Column by Ossett MouldingsThe image to the right here shows a rather nice plaster column painted to represent marble. The “veining” was applied not with a brush, but with a feather. Then this veining was “smudged” prior to being varnished.

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsMore metallic effects, glossy gold on a “fluffy” Art Noveau frieze, very effective – this looks an absolute treat in our showroom. While this is quite bright and glossy, we have also a section of the same moulding “dulled down” for contrast.

This pewter effect can also be seen at our showroom, forming window surrounds at our public showroom. These were originally specially formed for a fabulous night club (now sadly closed) in Copenhagen, Denmark. It really is (to me) totally convincing, it really does look like metal!

An Example of a Silver Finish by Ossett MouldingsArchway with a Silver and Gold Finish by Ossett MouldingsThe techniques we’ve happened upon so far are in truth quite easy for us. Please remember we’re NOT professional decorators. We ARE, however very good professional fibrous plasterers. We will be happy to tell you how to apply these simple paint effects yourself to our customers. The more difficult finishes you will be better employing a “proper” decorator. If you don’t know any we will be happy to provide names and contact details.

These ‘photos illustrate the sheer scope of the possibilities we and our materials offer you. Please just enquire with us and we will be pleased to discuss these many possibilities with you.
A Brick Wall Panel by Ossett MouldingsFrom our earliest days of trading, we have always made false timber castings in plaster. Again, we rarely / never apply paint finishes for clients because this is such an easy effect for anyone to apply. And it’s a lot of fun – very fulfilling. And cheap!

We make beams, upright posts and (sometimes) quite large sheets. As you can see here, many different colours and different timber effects are possible. For instance the plaster “timber” beams and openings in our home kitchen are coloured to match the real timber fitted doors.

We have many reference jobs for this, one of which I have never seen, despite it being so very public, seen by many millions of people. We simply made and delivered many hundreds of these specially sculpted “timbers”, they were for a Chinese themed area – therefore our wood needed also to be “Chinese” in appearance.

A Replica of Timber Beams by Ossett MouldingsAs mentioned elsewhere on this site, the reason for this was that real timber was originally specified, however the fire service vetoed such a lot of this installed material in such a busy public place.

They were concerned for the risk of smoke generation and public safety. So, if you visit or eat in the Chinese area at the Trafford Centre near Manchester please do tell me how well they have been fitted, decorated and are wearing under such a lot of foot traffic. Thank you.

A Corbel Covered in a Stone Effect Pain by Ossett MouldingsThis effect was also “stumbled upon” by Frankie. He painted this perfectly good presentable white plaster corbel with a stone effect paint that we happened to have lying around – unused.

It looks jolly good to me! This very corbel can be seen in our showroom.


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