Dimensions, particularly imperial are approximate, for guidance only. Use them with caution.

These tiles can be applied to walls, ceilings, in panels and square columns. Please do apply imagination and verve to any scheme for your restaurant, commercial premises or home.

Some of these can look very, very different possibly if installed at 45 degree to baseline. And it could make YOU look very “arty” or imaginative! Go on – consider it.

Please note all our plaster tiles come in white as standard, photos are for illustration purposes only.

This is to give you an idea of how our tiles are finished by very talented decorating scenic painters on the productions we work on.

Tile Nr. 900 - Panels

This tile is approximately 599mm. square and it is particularly suitable for cladding rectangular or square columns.

This tile can also be cut to approximately 300mm. units, for instance approximately 300mm x 600mm, in either direction.

Don’t mix different tile designs without first consulting Ossett Mouldings Ltd., the tile manufacturers.

This tile is on display at our showroom – please visit and ask to see it.

Projection / thickness is approximately 20mm.

This design (and most others) have locking / “peg” edges. Possibly the correct word is “tegular” – but I’m truthfully uncertain.

Please believe me, this tile does actually look much better than this illustration. I will replace it with a more suitable / truthful one when time allows. Please come and see it.

Tile Nr. 901 - Spiral

Tile Nr. 901, Style "Spiral"

Projection approximately 20mm, (1.0 inch).

As with tile 900 above, this one is possibly suitable for rectangular columns, but will also require mitring or an angle fillet, please ask for our advice, we will happily give it.

This tile is approximately 595mm. square.

You cannot easily “jumble” designs together – please ask our advice if considering this.

This tile can be examined at our showroom – please ask to view it.

Also, I like this one – a lot!   It’s rather special.

Tile Nr. 902 - Cloth Board

Thickness approximately 20mm, awaiting checking.

This tile is approximately 597mm. square.

This tile can also be “divided” in either direction. The central rectangular panels are suitable to receive a logo, a personal or corporate symbol or name.

Please don’t “jumble” designs together in same grid without consulting Ossett Mouldings Limited.

Tile Nr. 903 - Arabic

Tile Nr. 903, Style "Arabic"

These tiles have a textured, mottled finish to their face.

Stagger them in “brickwork” pattern.

Thickness approximately 20mm.

Tile length xxxmm., height xxmm.

Many, very different paint / varnish finishes are possible with these tiles.

Tile Nr. 904 - Alhambra

These tiles have an enormousely complex, almost but not quite geometric Arabic face pattern.

Can be applied to walls or ceilings, probably in “strings” or lines. We also have an “autocad” and a .jpeg drawing – please ask for a copy.

Thickness of “back plate” is approximately 12mm., raised pattern is an additional c.4mm.

Tile length 360mm., height 360mm.

Many, very different paint and / or varnish finishes are possible with these tiles, but we’ve not yet explored them – please watch this page.

Tile Nr. 905

Approximately 20mm. thick, but check with Ossett Mouldings Ltd. first.

This tile is approximately 598mm square.

Please don’t mix tile designs together “willy nilly”.

Tile Nr. 906

Tile is approximately 20mm thick.

Tile is 600mm. square (approximately).

It is possible to mix SOME designs together – but ask first.

Tile Nr. 907

This tile is approximately 20mm. thick.

This tile is 601mm. square – approximately.

Please don’t mix designs together without careful consideration.

Tile Nr. 908

Tile is approximately 20mm. thick.

Tile is approximately 602mm. square

Please don’t mix these designs together lightly

This one is also suitable for random or repetetive logos / similar designs. Paint, stencil or transfer applied.

Tile Nr. 909

Tile is about 20mm. thick

Tile is about 602mm. square.

Designs don’t easily mix

I really don’t like this design. To be honest – it is horrible. But if you like it I will be happy to sell it to you! Well, not happy really, in fact if you have so little taste or sense of design why are you on Ossett Mouldings site?

Tile Nr. 910

Tile is approximately 20mm thick

Approximately 595mm. square

Please think before you mix designs up.

Tile Nr. 911

Approximately 20mm thick

Approximately xxxmm. square. We will obtain this dimension as soon as possible.

Please don’t jumble these c.600mm tile designs up without consulting Ossett Mouldings Limited – the tile manufacturers.

Tile Nr. 912 - Ronnie

An English themed, highly raised pattern faced tile

This tile is made to – and naturally mixes with tile design Nr. 914 below. They belong to, and work best with each other.Tile Nr. 912 "Ronnie"

Both tiles are approximately xxxmm. square – each, but multiply by four to obtain the best unit size/ dimension.

They were taken from Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones) former home near Richmond, London.
The examples shown here are cast in a sand and cement mixture but can be cast in plaster for interior use.

They are intended to be used in groups of four.

Tile Nr. 913

Approximately 20mm thick

Approximately 400mm square

This is the only tile of this dimension we make.

Tile Nr. 914 - Wood

As above, this is an “English” themed, highly raised pattern faced tileTile Nr. 914 "Wood"

This tile is made to – and easily mixes with tile design Nr. 912 above. As this second illustration shows, they depend and work very well with each other.

Both tiles are approximately xxxmm. square.

Remember all these tiles can be made in plaster, foundry grade plaster, resin or sand and cement..

Tile Nr. 915 - Azteka

Approximately 20mm thick

A “stone / stippled” faced tile

Tile is approximately 500mm. square

Tile Nr. 916 - Azteka

An “Aztec / Mexican” themed, highly raised pattern faced tile

This tile is made to – and easily mixes with tile design Nr. 915 below. That is simply a matching plain tile with a “sandy” face.

Both tiles are approximately 500mm. square.

If you’re thinking about using this in a very busy / high traffic place. For instance a bar front TOP LIGHT IT? BRILLIANT IDEA!

Remember all these tiles can be made in harder materials.


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