Regular Mouldings

Stairwell Representing Column Encasement and other Services by Ossett MouldingsShopping Malls, Hotel Public Areas, Large Public Buildings, Theme Parks, Museums, Airports, Sports Stadia and much more.

Column Encasements, Cornice, Ceilings, Special Tiles, Ornamentation, Replication, Reinstatement after fire, water or other damage and much more.

Our Standard Designs, Your Designs, Your Clients Designs.

Stairwell Landing Representing Column Encasement and other Services by Ossett MouldingsWe can work from verbal instructions, complete specifications, photographs, remaining fragments, whatever you wish or is available.

Normal Plaster, Special Plasters, Glass Reinforced Gypsum, Fibre Glass, Glass Reinforced Cement and some other materials.

Poolside Fluted Columns, Lighting Troughs and Curved Cornice at the Marriott Hotel, Leeds by Ossett MouldingsThis photograph illustrates poolside fluted columns, lighting troughs and curved cornice at the Marriott Hotel, Leeds.

Mouldings were installed to 16 Meeting Rooms, 250 metres of corridor, Function Rooms, Ballrooms, Bars and Restaurants.

Poolside Fluted Columns, Lighting Troughs and Curved Cornice at the Marriott Hotel, Leeds by Ossett MouldingsWe installed a total of four tonnes of mouldings throughout the extensive public areas of this, the only five star hotel in Leeds.

The photographs in the above section depicts some of the many large, complex column encasement and lighting troughs we made and installed at the Potteries Shopping Centre, Hanley.

A Burnt Room being Re-decorated as a Replica of itself. Showing Cornice, Frieze and Pilasters by Ossett MouldingsOur newly made and installed elements contrast very noticeably with the smoke blackened existing mouldings prior to decoration.

Sadly this work was necessary due to arson at The Unity Hall, WAKEFIELD.

Visible here is the new ceiling and area of wall, coloured pink. Cornice, frieze and pilasters in white.

Reproduction of damaged mouldings forms an important part of our workload.

A Bespoke Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsA modern design.

This illustrates the possibilities of our special abilities, also our materials.

This is a fairly large ceiling in purpose made GRG tiles.

It is lit from above to show the electrical and mechanical services.

Ceiling includes several 1700mm diameter lighting cones.

This contract included eight huge elliptical in section conical column casings, floor to ceiling.

This is the fourth floor restaurant at the Harvey Nichols Store, Leeds.

Explorer of the Seas Cruise Ship, Worked on in 2003 by Ossett MouldingsSurprised to find this on “Usual Jobs” page?

This isn’t unusual for us! In fact during the year 2003 we worked on our sixth new ship!

At 138,000 tonnes, this was then the biggest cruise liner in the world. She is the “Explorer of the Seas” and spends her time cruising the Caribbean Sea – incredibly slowly (I’m told).

We have provided components for this and four sister ships, all of whom work the same region.

Additionally our mouldings sail closer to home, on the world’s largest passenger car ferry, the “Ullysses”. This ship works to England for Irish Ferries.

Degenerating Decorative Plaster Work which Ossett Mouldings could Help ReproduceHave you decorative plaster in this or similar sorry state?

We can restore, reproduce, reinstate or renew it to new or whatever condition you choose.

It can be restored to “as new” condition or matched to the same “paint filled” condition as the adjacent original plasterwork.

Clients are almost always genuinely amazed at the quality of our work and the huge improvement we make.


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