Emmerdale – 2013

Ossett Mouldings Project working together with lots of other craftsmen.

Emmerdale is set to revealed a huge blaze on Christmas Day as Declan Macey sets fire to Home Farm with Megan trapped inside.

Jason Marrells’ character will torch the building not realising his sister (Gaynor Faye) is inside. Actress Emma Atkins – who plays Charity in the soap – has opened up about the difficult scene. Her character will attempt to douse the flames to stop Declan committing suicide before he decides to try to escape with her in tow.

“But it’s going to look immense. A replica of the exterior of Home Farm was built for the fire, but you’d think it was the same building. It was unbelievable – and so unfortunate that we then had to go and burn it! “She has revealed Declan doesn’t know his sister is still in the building, and it was originally a suicide attempt before Charity encourages him to “run for it”.

She added: “She finds him holding a can of paraffin and he’s about to set fire to Home Farm with himself in it. He feels he could end his days there and then. It’s all become too much for him… At first, Charity thinks they should make a run for it so that Declan is not held responsible for the fire.

“They’re sat in this layby discussing how she could possibly help him get away with it. But Declan’s still turmoil. “What they end up doing is rushing back to Home Farm where they pretend that they don’t know anything about the fire. But as the situation unravels, they realise that there’s a female trapped inside.

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