Shawn Mendez Tour 2019 & Ossett Mouldings Ltd

These images are a compilation of the rose featured on tour with Shawn Mendez which we created in individual parts here at Ossett Mouldings. We manufactured the rose to be in separate petals totalling 31 from memory! these fix together to create the bigger project mainly for transport, as this decorative piece was traveling around all the eu with him on tour early 2019, we also created a second rose for traveling long distance while he was touring in china, Australia and all other countries in the eastern part of the world this was created with the same process using GRP Fibreglass.

These where manufactured in GRP, Glass Reinforced Fibreglass, This is just another lighter  and stronger material used here at Ossett Mouldings Ltd. It was also manufactured in a material that had to be fire resistant due to the lighting in the Rose.

Shawn Mendas Twitter

On Tour 2019

Rose 2019

Click here to see a Youtube video of the stage and Rose being installed on his Tour 2019.

A big thank you to Brilliant Stages for letting me use this video who created it.

Created by Brilliant Stages

Our Rose appears at around the 1:00 timestamp.



Thanks for your interest.

Alan Harding

Managing Director



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