Commercial Plaster Moulds

WeA Bespoke Ceiling by Ossett Mouldings maintain a really big range of standard moulding designs, also we will make to your clients design and specification.

All our staff are fully trained, skilled and qualified – way above industry norms. In all of our materials, Fibrous Plaster, GRG, GRC and GRP.

We trade throughout the U.K., also Northern Europe. There are a lot of reference jobs, please see below and the Where We’ve Worked page.

Cornice by Ossett MouldingsOver 10,700 reference jobs, including 2,170 trade clients since trading started in 1973. Naturally more are added every month.

New Build, Restoration, Civic Premises, Hotels, Housing, Museums, Film Sets, Restaurants, Town Halls, Deception, pubs and other stuff I can’t easily recall (later perhaps)?

At Ossett Mouldings we take huge pride in our workmanship and abilities. We are all fully qualified in our craft, greatly enjoy our work and all work extremely well as a team – honestly, it’s true!

Egyptian Themed Moulded Wall Panels by Ossett MouldingsAnother measure of the strength of the company is our client base. Most of our clients have been with us as long or longer than our long serving employees. Consider also our advertising spend, with one sole exception it is nil and has been that figure for perhaps the past twelve years!

Archway, with Corbel and Columns by Ossett MouldingsWe believe the major part of our present day company premises was originally constructed in 1852 as a blacksmiths forge. This is the present day single storey workshop / production area. The two storey area presently used as showroom, rest area and offices was added around the turn of the 19th. and 20th. Centuries as the Blacksmith’s home, possibly around 1903.

An Entrance with Decorative Wall Mouldings by Ossett MouldingsNaturally the big abilities of our staff match their big training. They can create the most fabulous and imaginative interiors for your premises.

Almost the only restraint on the artistic scope of our work is your imagination!
Wall Mouldings in the shape of an Arch by Ossett MouldingsWe can contribute to your theme uniquely and exceptionally. No other company has our combination of skills and special abilities.
What do you want? Chinese, Indian, Extra Terrestrial, Australian, Dickensian, Futuristic, Sumptious, Horrific?

How about “normal”, “orthodox” or “usual”, we’re very happy to do that too, in fact that’s what we mostly do. We carry out more of those types of job than anything else!

We can (and have done) it all, and a lot more besides!


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