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Places of Worship, Intricate Moulding Design by Ossett MouldingsSt. Peters Church, Horbury, Yorkshire

We’ve been trading since 1973, but our experience plainly exceeds this.

Given the huge range of work we undertake, it’s evident that we have a large range of ability.

Places of Worship, Intricate Moulding Design by Ossett MouldingsFor instance here to the left and right here we see some small portions of St. Peter’s Church in Horbury – before we repaired large areas of their 18th. century ceiling during 2009.

This church was an extraordinarily generous gift from John Carr, a very wealthy and famous architect of his age. Sadly – despite living in Horbury , Yorkshire we’ve failed to visit and photograph it’s new, hugely improved finishes.

Blackburn, Lancashire has an absolutely super new mosque. Opened just this year of 2010 their community has worked terribly hard and at great personal generosity to produce this really super place of worship.

Two Large Mihrab at New Masjid, Blackburn

Bradford Central Mosque – Darfield Street

For the past year Ossett Mouldings Limited have been very happy to work on a very interesting, frankly fabulous Mosque in central Bradford.

Our work is presently confined to the interior of this newly built place of worship. Quite honestly the design is, in my view outstanding. A credit to both the Architect (Mr. Neil Waghorne) and the client mosque for having the vision to permit / indulge him these super designs.

We’re working our way down from the very high, (approximately 12 metres) central dome. The very high, central “bulb” and pendulous features were formed by others, but don’t they look absolutely lovely? What you may not notice from these photos is the very subtle colour changes. This will be even more spectacular when the central chandelier is installed and sets off the inbuilt “cats eyes”.

Once below these fine features, our decorative plaster work begins. But first, please have a look at these twelve absolutely gorgeous stained glass windows – arn’t they nice? The first, but minor item of our work you’ll see is the twelve quite fine window surrounds.

Below this some others formed a lighting trough. To this trough we mounted a curved top and bottom moulding, also some 32 paterae (60mm diameter flowers).

The next item will be a very large, very ornate cornice based loosely on our standard cornice design “Alhambra” – pictured here on the below. This will however be some five times larger and very much more complex. The geometry on this area will be particularly difficult.

Mosque Windows    Mosque Windows

Hopefully there will be very much more for our company to do on this fine structure. We have some idea, but not the complete picture of what is to do and will be very happy to show you here when details – or better still when the actual work occurs.

24 metre Circumference Dome at Hanley Mosque – To come!



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