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Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsSince 1973 when trading commenced we have carried out some utterly fabulous ceiling works. Many are completely new, some are reproductions, others were repair work to existing ceilings.

Of course they vary in style, complexity and dimensions. We have fitted designs to all manner of buildings, centuries old and modern. Locations for our ceilings vary hugely. We have fitted our own ceilings throughout UK, Holland, also one in France. We have supplied large complete ceilings for others to fit in Norway and India – during the past 6 months!

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsAs the paragraph above states, we can supply complete or partial ceiling designs “supply only” in which case we will also provide advice on all aspects of installation. Naturally this includes producing scale drawings and setting out details.

To the left one can see a pierced trellis ceiling panel being decorated. This was designed to admit natural light onto precious exhibits and artefacts at The Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace during her Golden Jubilee year of 2002.

While above, to the right is a small detail from a truly fabulous ceiling elsewhere in Europe. Almost every detail you can see here was created from scratch in clay by Ossett Mouldings experts.

Panel for an Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsAs you can see, we have a great deal of experience in this work. We can work to your design, produce original ones for you, reproduce an existing scheme – we have often worked from photographs and even magazine illustrations!

We have produced geometric and quite figurative designs. We can create, model up in clay entirely original features. For instance leaves, vines, human, animal or mythical creatures.

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsPlease do call at our showroom near to Dewsbury, for location map please see Contact Us for our location. This page also features our showroom opening days and times.

As our showroom is quite small we only have one or two complete ceilings to show you. However we will be able to discuss all aspects and possibilities of your project face to face with you. This is obviously very helpful.

To the left above is a reproduction ceiling in Ossett Town Hall – the original dating from 1896. Above right shows a large, very ornate corner. This will be installed in Eastern Holland during February 2009.

A Bespoke Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsIf we install these for you, please do be assured that we will carry out a good expert job for you.

It may be that certain designs will impose a weight onto your ceiling structure. While we are certainly not qualified engineers, we will offer advice in general terms.

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsTo the left here one can see a plaster lighting trough, painted very expertly to represent a veined marble. This concealed / indirect lighting illuminates the curved ceiling painted to represent clouds.

While the above image (to the right) shows a very modern design pierced with scores of circular holes. Through these holes one can see the illuminated services. Also pierced by 12 huge conical “domes”.

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsTo the right here we have an unusual “fish scale” design. Installed in South Holland.

Below there is a vaulted brickwork ceiling. Our expertise in this type of effect arises from our long experience in film and television set building.

Brickwork Ceiling with Archways by Ossett MouldingsThe sheer range, breadth and variety of possible designs can be seen in these few illustrations. Below I have some further ideas. All of these are real life examples of our work.

So, to repeat myself – please do contact us at our works / office. We know what we’re doing, we have a lot of ideas and a huge amount of experience. Most importantly (to us) we enjoy our work and we really love to create special, original, high quality things.

Here (below and to the right) we have images of an absolutely super library ceiling part way up a mountain in Scandanavia. We made this to our client’s order and design, shipped it out to his company where he fitted it to the client’s complete satisfaction. If you are considering a similar project in Norway or Sweden, please contact Karl-Erik directly at Malerfirmaet.

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett Mouldings  Ornate Ceiling by Ossett Mouldings

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett Mouldings  Panel of Ornate Ceiling by Ossett Mouldings

The ‘photo’s here show ;- Below a very ambitious ceiling installed to a foreign client’s own home.
The blue (left) image is a geometric design that appears quite complex but it is in truth fairly easy to understand and produce. Honestly!

The ‘photo’s here show ;- Below left a really nice ceiling installed to a foreign client’s bar, while right is an absolutely cracking ceiling in another one of his bars.

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsDesign of an Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsOur public showroom is (generally) open from 08.00 am to 16.30 Monday to Friday, sometimes later (but not if we can help!) Saturdays we open – very approximately 09.30 a.m. to 13.30. Please note we usually close on Sundays. Please ‘phone 01924 463488 for our (seasonal) opening times.

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsOrnate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsThis one shows a ceiling we created entirely from scratch and installed in a Northern European home.

While to the right is a super item of concealed / indirect lighting – at our showroom.

Ornate Ceiling by Ossett Mouldings  Ornate Ceiling by Ossett Mouldings  Ornate Ceiling by Ossett Mouldings


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