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TIntricate Cornicehis page gives general information on Ossett Mouldings Ltd. cornice mouldings. The cornice catalogue pages run to c.160 sides!

Cornice forms many of our very welcome domestic, retail and trade enquiries. We continually provide advice on suitable designs, dimensions or any other information you wish regarding our mouldings and their suitability for your home or project.

We have approximately 80 different standard cornice designs in our range, gathered over very many years.

Intricate CorniceMostly these are original designs, unique to Ossett Mouldings Limited and available nowhere else. We have many Victorian designs, lot’s of Georgian cornice, also other types.

We attempt to maintain stocks of cornice moulding, particularly the most popular designs. Almost all our cornice designs are on display in our premises – actual examples that you can examine first hand.

Squared CorniceWhen available, stock cornice can be sold for immediate removal to your home. If not in stock these can often be made quite quickly.

Naturally our stock designs vary in size, ornamentation and period. To consider which might be suitable for your home, we usually first ask the age of or period in which your home was built.

Intricate CorniceThis fact alone often provides (for instance) the height of your ceilings, the scale of the rooms, proximity of window heads to ceiling and so on.

Other factors one should consider are the style and design of existing decorative plasterwork in the home, especially if original – though recent additions should also be factors in your decision making.

Simple CorniceThese mouldings are often sold “supply only”. Local delivery is usually free of charge at a mutually convenient time. We’re also happy to provide advice on DIY installation. This link gives a lot of initial, helpful information on cornice fixing. We have constructed this very large page as a guide to self installation of cornice and sincerely hope that you find it very useful.

Intricate CorniceAdditionally we can advise you in person in our showroom, by telephone or provide a short personal demonstration of cutting and mitring in our workshop – our staff time permitting.

Or we can provide you with a written cost for installing at your home. We install throughout U.K. and beyond. Fax, post, ‘phone, email or personally bring in your dimensions, we will ask you some questions from our standard quotation form and promptly post a proper written, legally binding quotation to your home or business.

Squared CornicePlease remember we can replicate damaged mouldings, replacing “as new” should you so wish. Naturally a production mould will have to be made specially for you, the complexity of which will be dictated by the design of the cornice we are to match.

We will always provide a quotation prior to commencing any work on your behalf.

Simple CorniceFor pricing purposes we will need sight of the original, at your home or a section taken to our works, photographs and dimensions.

The work in reproducing original cornice moulding is genuinely interesting, the process is, at times spectacular, other stages are truthfully quite magical and we will be very pleased to describe it to you. The skill we employ in producing components for you makes the process quite productive, keeping costs down for you, the client.

CorniceThis process of reproduction first requires a steel profile, mounted on a timber frame, this is called a “running mould”. This running mould in turn will produce a plaster “run mould” of the required length.

This, the “production mould” can be quite heavy, will often only produce a few casts before wearing out and is of limited or non existent portability.

Simple CorniceHowever, having paid for this mouldmaking, people often quite reasonably wish to retain this production mould.

These spent production moulds are always disposed of in our rubbish skip, you can have them if you wish but the mere act of moving them usually breaks these fragile items.

Better if you ask for the metal profile, the “Running Mould”, this we will happily hand it across for possible future use. It will be safer in your care than ours as we normally also dispose of these, because we are physically unable to retain the large numbers of these we produce every year.

Intricate CornicePlease also remember that we produce a great many other types of mouldings to compliment Cornice. For example Ceiling Centres, Panel and Dado Moulding.

Our showroom opening times are usually from 08.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday, occasionally later at night. Especially if we are busy and need to complete work for clients.

Simple CorniceSaturdays we open (very approximately) 09.30 to 15.30. Sometimes earlier, often later, but please don’t rely on it! We also normally close on Easter Saturday and the Saturdays close to Christmas.

Please note we are almost always closed on Sundays. If intending to call outside our “normal” hours please ‘phone first to 01924 463488 to avoid a potential wasted journey.


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