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Ornate Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsPanel Moulding will transform parts of your home. It is rarely used but when correctly (or adventurously) used, panel moulding is genuinely stunning.

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We have several different panel designs. Use these on ceilings or walls, just look at some of the possibilities shown on these photos. Obviously there is a huge number of possible ways these mouldings can be used, especially if one is imaginative.

This ‘photo on left is a “network” design. We have a lot of fun rendering these apparently difficult designs “makeable”.

This is a design “lifted” from a pub ceiling in London. We made and installed this to a very large ceiling in a North European nation. The pub opened – we’re told it traded very well indeed for two weeks until quite tragically it burned down.

The only good thing about this is that no-one was hurt – thankfully every one got out safely.

Ornate Wall Paneling by Ossett MouldingsOOrnate Wall and Ceiling Paneling by Ossett Mouldingsur showroom / premises are small. Even so, we’ve managed to install some panel arrangements. One is above. Below is another complex panel arrangement of which we have a completed but simplified version in our showroom. There’s also good simple examples there.

We enjoy giving advice on possible styles, arrangements for your home or designs for any project. We’ll be just as pleased to work to your designs or develop them with you. Notice we enjoy our work and will enjoy working with you!

There are so many possibilities, we can only give you a hint of what we could produce for you. But be certain that we have the designs and the skilled craftsmen able to both make, install and complete your work to a super standard.

Ornate Wall Paneling by Ossett MouldingsNaturally we provide you with a cost for the work – always in writing.

We install throughout the U.K., also beyond. For example, during December 2002 we installed a large, very ornate ceiling in The Brabant, South Holland.

On the left is a fairly typical late Victorian geometric, another network design. This was enjoyable to draw out, plan and produce this accurate reproduction of the adjacent ceiling.

But so pleased was the client with his new ceiling, he had a really big room specially built next door just so he could have another, but larger ceiling! Not entirely true, but I enjoyed writing that!

On the left are some examples of panels – classy and technically difficult panels. These are actually sunk below wall level, really unusual!

Below I’ve gathered (more like found) photographs of past jobs in panel moulding. All uncaptioned, some are details of homes or bits of film sets. I do hope you’ll find them interesting.

Otherwise please just browse through this site – It’s a huge labour of love, I’m enjoying building this site nearly as much as I love to cycle through our nearby Peak District!


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