Traditional Room with Cornice around the Ceiling Edge by Ossett MouldingsWe have a small number of interesting, “one off”, quite individual items we believe are unique to our company. These ideas might possibly be of use to you in your home or for whatever commercial project you might feel them suitable for.

acc2Consider, for instance the bedhead pictured here on the left. This actual item was installed in a Yorkshire domestic property some years ago.

From this original idea arose our standard “Phillimore” bedhood seen here on the right. This production item can “stand alone”, requiring no other plaster moulding whatever.

Or it can combine with some special ceiling panel, it’s matching cornice (our standard cornice design Nr. 135 “Cotswold”), or both!

These items will span a double bed, simply open your curtains more widely. If you choose to fit a concealed overhead lamp, this can make a very helpful and direct reading aid. It also looks super!

The item depicted here, to the right can be inspected in our showroom. This, our standard bedhead is actually quite reasonably priced and very affordable. Please do call in to inspect the whole assembly at first hand.

acc3This second special “accessory” item is also, coincidentally based upon the same, standard Ossett Mouldings Limited cornice moulding, number 135 “Cotswold”. This is our most popular cornice design, measuring 100mm. (4″) projection from wall, the same distance down from the ceiling.

Numerous uses exist for this product. It can be used as a decorative feature to (for instance) “break up” or relieve long runs of cornice. Another intended use is as a decorative “pad” to accommodate a downward spotlight. These items can also “cap” a pipe, pipe box or cable duct, subject, of course to dimensions being suitable.

A Spotlight Hidden within the Moulding Around the Ceiling by Ossett MouldingsAll these uses are further facilitated by the the very flexible nature of these mobile pads. They can be placed anywhere in a run of cornice. Given their reasonable cost, they can also be used in multiples / numbers!

They can / should be aligned with wall features, for instance these make unobtrusive picture lamps.

As with any other Ossett Mouldings products, please don’t hesitate to speak to any of our staff, we really will be happy to discuss what we make – we really are proud of our workmanship and our originality!

Shell Motif included on a Bed Head by Ossett MouldingsThe “shell” motif (left) is included with the standard bedhead, but can be omitted if you wish. We will be pleased to price, in writing, free of charge for any variation you might wish for.

Below you can see one such “special” item, a bedhead formed from our standard (but large) “Roses & Lilies” cornice design. This also has a moulded edge to the pelmet.

This is, incidentally a device we use to carry cornice across a window opening where the window height is too high to allow cornice across. If you wish, this can be made by “others” in timber to reduce our quoted cost.

Our showroom opening times are usually from 08.30 to 15.30 Monday to Friday, occasionally later at night. Especially if we are busy and need to complete work for clients.

Saturdays we open (very approximately) 10.00 to 13.00. Sometimes earlier, often later, but please don’t rely on it! We also normally close on Easter Saturday and the Saturdays close to Christmas.

Please note we are almost always closed on Sundays. If intending to call outside our “normal” hours please ‘phone us first to 01924 463488 to avoid a potential wasted journey.


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