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The International Press Centre, Ria Novosti, Moscow

Early in 2011 Ossett Mouldings Limited made and supplied two partial ceilings to this very modern, high end government press centre.

On completion, this became a quite important part of the Russian government connection with their public, their press and our world.

Hopefully we will not see our products feature in times of tension?

Our part in this important project was to manufacture for our Belgian client, Sonogamma four complete panels of GRG acoustic diffusors.

These omnidiffusoren (matrix diffusors) were installed to two ceilings in two separate areas in the "Rian Project", Moscow.

As is customary in the construction industry, we worked as a sub contractor, but not directly for the end client. Our client in this case was an interior acoustic company - Sonogamma of Leuven in Belgium.

On this page we will describe as interestingly as possible for you our part in this project of which, again we are very proud.

These acoustic "Matrix" tiles are each approximately 60 cm. square. I believe their purpose was to improve sound quality in a variety of situations and locations. Their purpose is to optimise speech and music by diffusing the incident soundwaves in order to offer the best possible sound quality to the audience.

They are used in auditoria, sound recording studios, orchestra pits and other locations. We have supplied these for many years to Sonogamma.

Some destinations I easily recall are Benin and Dakar in Senegal - both in Africa. Several French towns - Bordeaux, Abbeville and Biarritz.

Wuppertal in North Germany, also some Swiss towns I can't recall. When other past projects come to mind I'll include them here, for instance Pervez in Belgium.

The full, correct title of this project is "The International Press Centre", Ria Novosti, Moscow.

Copyright of the two images above resides with Mr. George Trofimoff of retrofuturizm. While the image immediately to the left belongs to Herr Harald Heinrich Meyer of ICH, Berlin.

Credit also should be given to Ivan Chuvelev and Grigory Sorokin of Arch4.


To the right is one of the GRG Acoustic Sound Diffusors. While this one is white, they can obviously be coloured.

Please address any possible queries you might have for this specialised work or their products to the acoustic specialists Sonogamma