Absolutely Delighted


Hi Alan, You’ve beaten me to it! I had hoped to email yesterday to say how absolutely delighted we are with the cornicing. It is a total transformation and the Cumberland and West Riding are perfect. James and Liam have done a superb job; they both worked really hard and it was a pleasure to have them here. Thank you for giving us the option of the roses. As you will have gathered, we decided in the end not to go for them. It was going to be a bit tight in the hall, and possibly too close to the landing hatch as well. The cornicing looks so good that we don’t think we’ll miss them. Many thanks too for the names of your 3 decorators. We are realising that a couple of jobs that are needing to be done should be out of the way before we upgrade the decor so it may be a while before we contact them – hopefully not too long. We will of course mention your name. Finally, thank you for your invoice (on-line payment made this morning) and for all your help with our project which we have greatly appreciated. Kind regards from us both, Jennifer

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