Tile Number 900 – Panels

£41.00 Ex. Tax



This tile is approximately 599mm. square and it is particularly suitable for cladding rectangular or square columns.

This tile can also be cut to approximately 300mm. units, for instance approximately 300mm x 600mm, in either direction.

Don’t mix different tile designs without first consulting Ossett Mouldings Ltd., the tile manufacturers.

This tile is on display at our showroom – please visit and ask to see it.

Projection / thickness is approximately 20mm.

This design (and most others) have locking / “peg” edges. Possibly the correct word is “tegular” – but I’m truthfully uncertain.

Please believe me, this tile does actually look much better than this illustration. I will replace it with a more suitable / truthful one when time allows. Please come and see it.


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