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Places of Worship

We've been trading since 1973, but our experience plainly exceeds this.

Given the huge range of work we undertake, it's evident that we have a large range of ability.

For instance here to the left and right here we see some small portions of St. Peter's Church in Horbury - before we repaired large areas of their 18th. century ceiling during 2009.

This church was an extraordinarily generous gift from John Carr, a very wealthy and famous architect of his age. Sadly - despite living in Horbury , Yorkshire we've failed to visit and photograph it's new, hugely improved finishes.

Blackburn, Lancashire has an absolutely super new mosque. Opened just this year of 2010 their community has worked terribly hard and at great personal generosity to produce this really super place of worship.

This large girth was necessary to conceal a large diameter soil pipe, also the associated knuckles and plumbing.

Throughout this process our company, Ossett Mouldings Ltd. produced a succession of scale drawings and sketches, not only for correct proportioning and client approval but also to enable us to carry out the often technically difficult workshop setting out and manufacturing operations.

While this task might seem onerous, it does eliminate abortive manufacturing for clients who, while brilliant in their profession are unaware of the significance of our trade jargon. And believe me, we have a great many, often baffling trade terms! What for instance do you suppose "prossing" , "cockling" or "chattering" are?

On the right one can see the complete bathroom corner column. Just compare the (adequate) bathroom image above to this brilliant, lovely item! To be honest, other people contributed, the client, the main contractor and particularly the other sub contractors all of whom also invested their effort, time and cash.

Elsewhere in the same bathroom there is a truly fabulous sink, supported by two similar reeded columns. One of these is shown in close up, here on the left. A miniature version of the other fitted columns.

We have traded for very, many years. During all of these years we have produced a great many truly unique items. The patterns and moulds that created all these many originals would probably reach to a North Sea oil rig if all were laid down on end.

Well, as you might guess, all we have left of these exceptional items is photographs! Hardly any thing else remains to produce further examples. Therefore objects such as these will probably remain "one offs". Simply because space does not allow us to retain these huge numbers of production moulds.

Finally, on the right is a broad, overall view of the sink featured above. I thought it might be interesting to describe other parts of this project should readers wish to know.

Our two dwarf columns are supporting a black granite sink base, this base has a "moulded" edge with radiused external angles. Sadly I don't know sufficient plumbing jargon to adequately describe the sinks and taps. Thankfully they are visible in this shot!

There are black floor tiles, a corner bath, and a corner shower unit. The ceiling is slatted black laminate separated by fine mirror strips. Wall tiles can be seen in almost all these illustrations.

In short, this is very obviousely a job we enjoyed, we also enjoy showing our achievements off. We would very much like to help you create something original and exciting.

Can we help each other? We, Ossett Mouldings would certainly love to help you!