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Theming Materials - Walls, Brick and Stonework

Ossett Mouldings manufactures a large range of effects materials. For instance brick, stonework and many other stock designs.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, these products have a LOT of uses. Theme premises such as restaurants, pubs, shopfitting and very many more. For instance this image (to right) is from a home, right here in Yorkshire!

However once you've had a look through this page I'm quite sure you'll have some idea's of your own. Possibly even your own home?

The pictures on this page give some examples of possibilities. Possibilities that I believe are actually exciting - are certainly unlimited!

While we have a range of very many standard designs, we can also make special designs. These special designs are, naturally in addition to these already mentioned.

Not only stonework, brickwork or special rockwork / faces. We have made concrete shuttering, breeze blocks and even mud walls.

One fine example is shown here. Special "Egyptian Heiroglyphic" sheets. These were specially sculpted, moulded, cast and installed in a random fashion to conceal repetition. As you can see, once painted they looked absolutely brilliant!

Two further examples here. On the left is some stone effect moulded from an actual wall.

From this mould matching casts were made, installed and decorated to exactly match the original - beautifully and indistinguishably!

On the right you can see just how very, very good sheets and blocks can look. These same skills, craft and techniques can be employed for your project, scheme, theme, home or whatever. cave, coal face, sand bags,

We have the skills, the moulds, the abilities to create most anything you can dream up. Caves, coal faces, coal cellars, sand bags, the surface of Mars, stone vaulted ceilings. We really would enjoy working for you - please just enquire.

Just bring your plans, ideas, sketches, drawings and some money! Because sadly any work, however exciting or interesting for us will inevitably cost you, the client something.

But please note, we will always give "budget" costs during planning and a proper, legally binding written quotation prior to starting work once your exact requirements are known. This naturally applies to any work we offer to undertake.

We'll provide all the help we can to assist you create what you want. And we have many reference jobs and examples to help you decide.