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Lighting Tricks

We make all manner of items associated with lighting. We conceal lamps and light tubes with rafts, troughs and many other inventive plaster products. New ideas and designs occur from time to time - well quite often actually!

A first class example of this is here, to the right. This is at our showroom - to the top is a lighting raft, painted yellow with two silver rilles cut into the curved soffite of the raft. As with all the other things on this web site - we make everything ourselves in our Yorkshire workshop.

Below this raft one can see the yellow painted light reflector, complete with silver painted horizontal flute. Below which, in turn has a super Art Noveau "cloud effect" frieze. All very nice, completely original and utterly unique.

While here, to the left we have a close view of the same assembly.

Where the light raft above projects quite a gentle light downward, the lighting trough here - to the right "sends" light upward - onto a plaster light reflector.

This assembly is also fitted to the first floor office area, directly above our showroom. Naturally you should just ask, simply mention this and we will be happy to show you all this on your visit to our workshop / showroom near Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

The reflector / ceiling component is hand painted to represent clouds. While the trough containing the lighting system is also hand painted to imitate a boldly veined and coloured marble.


Here are two further installed lighting trough assemblies.

To the left two are of the three ceiling panels to the Marriott Hotel in Leeds. These were fitted when this was the only five star hotel in Leeds. I'm not really sure if this is still the case or not.

To the right (below) is a small part of quite a number of lighting trough panels we installed, also some years ago to a shopping mall in Hanley, Stoke on Trent. Both these projects were carried out some years ago now, perhaps seven or ten.

Whatever idea / s you have, please bring them to us and we will try to work with you to develop your scheme. Hopefully together we can "knock up" something that really suits your home and accords with your requirements. Please just ask us - contact details at bottom this and and most other pages on this site.


Here we have a further example of our inventiveness. This is a "lighting pad". These fit into our standard "Cotswold" cornice design, they can be fitted directly to the cornice - any where around your room.

These pads can, for instance be aligned with pictures or any particular feature you wish to (literally) highlight. Perhaps this type of installation should be installed in conjunction with a qualified electrician.

Our public showroom is open from 08.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday, sometimes later at night. Saturdays we open (very approximately) 09.30 to 15.30.

Please note we usually close on Sundays. Please 'phone 01924 463488 for our (seasonal) opening times.