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Yorkshire Mural

We continually seek ways to display our skills and display the possibilities of our materials. During the year 2002 a fine opportunity arose which we (naturally) took.

Some surplus materials, components and time combined very nicely together to form and erect the relatively low relief item you see here on the right.

All these items were cast in weatherproof Glass Reinforced Cement (GRC). As it's name suggests, it is a combination of cement, alkali resistant glass strands and cement. Believe me, it produces an enormousely hard, weatherproof surface. It is even possible to manufacture fully functioning boats from GRC!

The top, horizontal section is a specially formed one piece casting, over four metres long with joints carved into the surface with the lettering. The classical half columns also have horizontal joints carved into their surface. The finish is "natural", unpainted. It has been in place for over two years now, it has weathered nicely and not discoloured at all.

Once the frame was installed, a specialist was contacted, designs considered and the idea of a mural began to properly form.

The artist is correctly a very local man, Mr Keith Jones who helpfully "knocked up" the preview / artists impression you see here on the left.

The view depicted is based very much on the view one would see out of the door in the "caff" at Burnsall. Burnsall is in the Yorkshire Dales.

John Clayton, the Managing Director of Ossett Mouldings is an active member of a local cycling club, The Calder Clarion who sometimes visit Burnsall on their Sunday club runs. As John considers this view to be one of the very best they see in Yorkshire, it was therefore chosen for this mural.

AAll this was fine, but we are, after all promoting our goods and products and some suitable GRP (fibre glass) black railings were included in this scheme, not just for that reason, but to give some depth to the image and a small degree of protection to it.

This is the nearly complete job, the lettering is now picked in gold, Keith has painted the mural and the railings are installed. The "prongs" that were vandalised during the first night were promptly replaced. More robust versions of these are already fixed in place.

It's certainly eye catching, people stop to look at it and it's already become a local landmark.

While it's not too apparent in this picture here (right), it really has captured the "feel" of the Dales, it really is obvious "in the flesh" that it's a Dales scene. The snow however is real, I simply took advantage of an interesting (and rare) photographic opportunity in March 2004!

One, well two last touches, first all the (real life) motor cars just HAD to go, secondly we included a cyclist approaching Burnsall over that distinctive bridge. We may at some future date add the ever present Burnsall ducks and perhaps one day a mate for that lone cyclist!

Stop Press! Keith has returned, added several more cyclists - we now have a modest club run crossing Burnsall Bridge.

Co-incidentally the previous owner of these premises, Mr David Booth, Joiner is often to be seen in this (excellent) caff. Hopefully he will agree to "open" this mural for us. Please don't tell him until we get a chance to ask him!